Parking lot - MARO Wroclaw
Ul. Graniczna 85
54-530 Wroclaw

Reservations can be made on the phone:

+48 509 946 444

Maro 'Car Park' Regulations

1. Guarded car park is open 24hours a Day all year round.
2. By entering the premises the car park user accepts its statute rules.
3. The car park is intended for passenger cars as well as for delivery trucks.
4. The vehicle must be safe-guarded in case of self-activating movement. The risk is taken by the customer also as to the third party.
5. The vehicle left at the car park premises must be tightly-closed (the windows and the lockers) in order to prevent anyone from entering it. The car park owner does not take any responsibility for the damages cause as the result of not following this point.
6. Taking the vehicle with the visible damage is left to the employee decision. In this case the customer takes the responsibility.
7. For any objects left on the vehicle its owner is responsible.
8. The technical condition of the vehicle should not jeopardize the surrounding. The customer is responsible for any damages caused by defective technical condition of the vehicle which takes place on the car park premises.
9. Towing is strictly prohibited on the car park premises.
10. Smoking and using open fire is strictly prohibited.
11. It is the car park employee who appoints the parking place.
12. On the car park premises the speed limit is 5km/h and the rule of right hand is in force.
13. The car breakdown must be reported to the car park employee.
14. When entering the car park the customer must take the entry ticket which is the proof for vehicle claim when leaving the car park.
15. If asked by the employee the customer must present the registration card.
16. The fee for the lost ticket is 50 PLN.
17. The parking charge is taken according to the price list presented on the entrance.
18. The car park is insured(OC) in the case of the elements or third party action.
19. In case of damages caused on the car park premises, they will be taken into consideration only when reported on the leaving car park.
20. The car park does not take responsibility for :
-door strike
-damages caused by other customers up to 1000 PLN
21. The car park regulations is the integral part of the contract between the customer and the car park owner.
22. In case of damages to be covered by OC insurance policy or fire, all the claims are to be transferred to insure accordingly to the agreement.